April 21st I hit 200K At Twitter! Pics

Hi My Darling Boys,

Perfect day in Florida. 64 this morning, sunny, low 80's this afternoon. But the pollen count is high.

. I've had a busy last few days and I apologize for completely forgetting to update Saturday. I have been watching how many readers are here and it seems to be time for me to do my updates midweek only. Things change and people go to new sites and new girls, to stay "interested." That's just how it is and I appreciate all who have followed me here at the journal over the years.

I had an overnight guest yesterday so this was begun yesterday, Wednesday and finished today, Thursday rhe 22nd. . I just dropped him off at the airport. I was just lovely in all respects.

I finish my Redesign job tomorrow. I'm excited and I just hope the family loves what I do for them. I'm not sure she really knows what she likes color wise So I'm just going for it.

We did a Thursday social media update last week and one Monday. Pics below. I'll be filming another this afternoon. My gal pal comes over this evening for cocktails and then I have a long face time session with an old and beloved friend from the Albany area.

I'm heading out for a walk now before I have to get ready to film our update. It's a gorgeous morning to enjoy the fresh air and surroundings and keep this body moving.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Thursday last and Monday's pics.

Black baby doll

Red Bodysuit

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