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Another Week In Paradise * Piccs

Hi Hotties,

I'm supposed to come up with a catch title for this journal. I hate to admit it but I'm out of those. It's just been another beautiful week in Florida/Tampa Bay but it's getting hotter and muggier. Really, what one expects this time of year and heading right through November.

I really do need to be thinking about hurricane supplies. Candles, non-perishable food stuffs and batteries. I have bottled water. And I'm going to buy a small gas grill. Propane of course. We can use them but only right outside our garages on the street. Lowe's has some small ones all set up. At least I can cook then. And boil water for tea in the mornings.

I've gotten my wardrobe together for the June 8th shoot. The last of the orders arrived this week and everything looks smashing. Myla is going to assist me the day of. You know, fastening garters, getting things together, making sure my hair isn't in my face or lipstick on my teeth. I've rented a deluxe B and B right here in the community. It's like an Italian castle.

I filmed a new strapon series yesterday. Myla's my alternate videographer and in the last episode, she steps in with HER strap on. Yes....for me. It's very hot and it was fun. How did we accomplish that? I put my phone on a tripod. The quality of the videos with this Iphone 13 promax is astounding. I'm very grateful to the gent who made that purchase happen!

My page subscriptions are starting to head back up. I think the ad clips from the porn shoot in LA and on pornhub and other sites and Twitter taking it a little easier on me are helping.

I'm working really hard to keep the content new and fresh AND very naughty. If you haven't joined yet and read this journal you should. Please! (smiles and kisses)

I'm still doing Keto but I've switched to what is called clean keto. I never knew that there was a "dirty" keto. Any kind of red meat, cheese, dairy products, etc. It's been a big transition for me as I love my cheeses and salami's. I've switched the butter for olive and avocado oils and I'm trying to eat fresh avocado every day. Oh sure, I fall off the plan because not having any carbs, any gluten, no dairy, next to no red meat, no sugar, no butter, very little fruit, is a shock. I push my cart around the market grumbling that "there's nothing left to eat". LOL But my cholesterol was inching up and it was time to make that change in my diet.

That and MORE cardio besides the weight training and yoga.

That's not really true that there's nothing to eat. But I'm finding nuts and avocado's DO lower the cravings for the no no's. And a tiny bit of fruit helps the sweet tooth. I mean tiny!! If I could eat lots of low carb veggies I could fill up but my body does not like that. I have to be careful with the veggies.

I've also gone the Italian/Sicilian organic, high polyphenol olive oil route. Yep, it's expensive but is it ever delicious and healthy for you. When I stepped on the scale this morning it was the lowest in 15 years. I have a number in mind for the shoot so I have 3.6 pounds to go.

Do I cheat? Yes, sparingly. Sometimes I just have to have some carbs. I might just grab a tiny bag of the Smart Pop at the market and it's only 8 grams of carbs. Or have some sushi and pick a lot of the rice off. But the less I eat of them the less I crave them.

I feel good, despite arthritis. The yoga is a huge help with that. And no sugar.

My dinner date last Saturday night was great and we met again for dinner and playtime at my place Monday evening. Phew.....what a hot night!!

IF the sun comes out this afternoon I'm heading to our pool. If not, hopefully tomorrow afternoon. I'm REALLY enjoying the relaxation, sun and social interaction that it offers. Every week I see more folks who were members of our community resort. A lot of residents aren't happy and have joined just around the corner. It's good.

And so is life!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Monday's update A wear again lace gown from a couple of years ago.

Thursday's Update Sheer Midi dress with black velvet tiger stripes.

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