Almost Done With Organizing and Need Some Fun! Pics

Hello My Naughty Boys,

I was up early, raring to get going. It was in the low seventies and dampish out on my patio for morning coffee. It's a lovely spot. a beautiful landscaped courtyard with 4 condos, two on each side, one up, one ground level, facing each other. I've met all my neighbors now.

Yesterday, a Fetlife/Twitter friend drove up from Clearwater to help me hang the heavy mirrors and art. While I've done all the other art and light mirror installations I had to have help with these. It was a miserable job and while we did not succeed in getting the large antique French mirror up....all the rest are in place. A big thanks to my friend!

I'm now finishing sorting the virtual/playroom and and it should be finished today or tomorrow. It's the only room I'll hang drapes. There are no blinds on that window and if and when I resume sessions I'll want to be able to block that window. The St. Andrews cross is just leaning against the wall. I really don't need to install it yet.

The last couple of days have been virtually quiet so I needed to take matters into my own hands. I was getting "itchy." I called up my favorite porn and put a new attachment on my usual dildo. This one has three heads. Kind of like a rabbit..the largest for the vagina, the others smaller, for the clitoris and the anal area. I have to say this is going to be my new favorite door. Thankfully, I had a waterproof pad under me. It was a thunder boomer for sure. And boy, I needed it!

Next week I get a new pellet implanted so I have a feeling I'll be using the new head a lot with my virtual sessions. Whoo Hoo!

I know you all are getting antsy. If you're fortunate to have a safe partner or significant other you should be saying thank you, thank you, thank you to the Universe! If not...I know I can assist you. I also know it's not the same as an intimate in person encounter but it's a help. It's not time for those yet. Florida is still a mess!

More then anything I miss being kissed, touched and stroked. Especially that moment when my partner slides into me for the ultimate connection. Phew...I'd better stop or I'm not going to get anything accomplished this morning.

NOTE; the member access is still not functioning. Please wait to join until it is operating the way it should and you can see and enjoy what I have already added for you there. My SINCERE APOLOGIES for this snafu. I have contacted my webmistress and alerted her again to the problems.

I'm heading over to the old apartment this morning and to patch the holes left when we took the cross down. It's a mess! And to do some cleaning. Hopefully I can do some shopping this afternoon. There are a couple of things I need for my patio and I do want to start adding flowering plants.

Whole Foods is delivering my grocery order between 5 and 7pm tonight. The first time to the new address! Made possible by those of you who have sent my session gifts via an Amazon gift card. It's just like having money in the bank and I'm most grateful!

This evening I foresee a session or two...a big martini and a new episode of Endeavor on PBS! You can tell I'm very happy in my new place. It's fabulous!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Giirlfriend, Goddess and GILF,

Anneke in my new master bedroom!

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