All Hallows Eve Tonight * Last of the Costumes * Full Moon Ritual Tonight * Pics

Hello My Wicked Friends,

Tonight is the night when some believe the veil is the thinnest between this world and this next. The Brits originated All Hallows Eve as they believed that the spirits of those that passed were the closest on that night. It's a fascinating tradition based on paganism that you might take the time to Google.

I'll sage the house tonight but set up my cloth and candles outside under the moon. It comes up right over the condo opposite me. It' also the time to put aside those things and people in life that do not work for you. Hanging on to toxic people and practices does not take us where we need to go in life. End of lecture.

I've had a fun week filming and my neighbor is having a great time helping me. Yesterday's shoot is one of the best I've done. And it's because someone else is holding the camera and I can do what I want. It was too much the same settings, angles, lalala all the time because I was limited. Just click on the YouTube link here on my site and it will take you right to my channel!

The new Iphone clip that I attach to my tripod for Facetime and filming myself arrived and it is absolutely perfect. Another hurdle jumped.

Now I have to get the videos to my computer from my phone and I can start sending content to Diamond Jim for

I'm not sure why I'm procrastinating but I've found it's usually because the timing isn't right. If I trust my instincts and accomplish things in the right time it works out best.

I'm not filming this weekend. Monday I'll resume with the daily shorties and hopefully next week I'll have the Iphone situation resolved. Apparently it's from a recent update. I'm not the only one.

So no trick or treat for me tonight unless you want to see YOUR treat on cam, or by phone or text. I'll be around all weekend.

I did watch the Rocky Horror Show with my neighbor last night. I rented it on demand and the film quality and sound was great. We did the Time Warp in my living room. Really fun!!!

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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