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A Sunday Update and a Trip to Todd's Later * Pic

Hello My Loves,

It's an odd day weather wise. I awakened to gray skies and showers. Then the sun blossomed and now we're back to overcast. Mother nature hasn't decided what she wants to be today.

No problems with Nicole outside of a lot of wind and rain. No damage either. But poor Daytona lost it's beaches during Ian and now further erosion is topling some beach side homes into the Atlantic on the east coast. I can't even imagine the heartache and sense of loss.

I've been trying to figure out what to do if Twitter falls apart as it seems to be doing since Musk took the reins. Most of my cam and friends come from Twitter. Oh, I'm staying there as long as they hang on but I'm thinking about new ways and places to be visible. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm already on Reddit but I can't figure that site out for the life of me.

As I peruse other creator's offerings on Social Media I realize my content is pretty predictable and somewhat boring. I think it would take a pro camera and a course in how to edit and add interesting effects to what I do. Right now I'm just a glamourous grandmother with little quips about life and sexy fashion. Twitter is a whole other game and I pray Musk gets enlightment. It's helped me to live comfortably. It would hurt a lot of creators if it goes under.

My playroom is almost finished. Sis and I put together a black crystal chandelier last Sunday, (great weekend with her by the way). Next we take down the fan in the room and install the chandelier. Then I can hang the black crystals. Voila!

The playroom hasn't seen a fetish playmate in a while but I think tomorrow it will. I had kind of lost my way for a bit, focusing on making a living instead of remembering that I'm offering a service of excellence. I was doing weights this morning and listening to a motivational talk by Oprah. It was as if Andrea, (my guardian angel) was whispering in my ear as I was cruising YouTube for workout background. Pick Oprah! I am so glad I did and now I'm feeling like I'm back on track. I know I'm back on the right path of what is best for me.

Only Fans is increasing and I actually returned to my highest number of subscribers since December. Having new models for reels does help. But I still love being naughty all by myself for my members.

I'm heading to Todd for Couples after lunch. If you don't know that's the famous adult store in Tampa. I'm going to buy a jeweled butt plug. Who knows what other kinky items might wind up in my shopping basket. Love the place and the folks that work there are fantastic. They know their products and they graciously explain and point you to what you need. You never feel guilty for being there. Nor should you in my opinion. Our sexuality is one of the greatest gifts we are given if it's consensual. There's nothing that relieves stress and anxiety like a great orgasm.

Here is a great article on Sensual Domination. It should clear away some of the myths of what it really means and what I prefer to offer in addition to the VIP girlfriend adventure.

I'm going to film something with that new butt plug when I return home. Cum watch at OnlyFans.

Life is good!

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


My favorite gown.

Black Sequins and Leather pants, Thursday.

Yes, I put them on the same day. Notice the earrnings?

A rear view.

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