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Good Morning My Friends,

I know, this is a day late but yesterday was busy, sadly not from sessions. The weather is perfect, low seventies this afternoon and delightful for that late afternoon walk that I've been enjoying. I mix it up with yoga and weights on alternate days but I'm starting to find that the walk is a huge stress reliever. So, I think I'll start adding the walk some days to a yoga or weight session. It all takes time....these days I usually have plenty of.

For those of you who have been reading the journal, enjoying the xxx section or following all the content I've put out there for free over the many months and years....a little thank you would be hugely appreciated. I do love Amazon gift cards. is the account. Business is really slow right now and MORE girls are doing virtual and only fans, only to find the competition is so huge that most are not making enough. It's still tough out there!

Thank the heavens I have social security. But it's not enough some months. So, please don't forget me. Those of you who do partake know I always do my very best to look great and be naughty. Insuring a good time for you and seeing you say goodbye with a big smile on your face.

My latest clip is up. Quarantine toy demonstration. And it's selling well. Thank you to those of you who have purchased them. More new content is on the way! A huge thank you to my videographer and Diamond Jim for making it possible!

The good news is I have an appt slot for Sunday morning for my first vaccine. I think it will be Moderna but it's not definite. No matter what, I'm now on a data base somewhere and it's a huge relief. It's one step closer to returning to hosting adventures again!

That, and watching the inauguration and concerts yesterday have made me feel more hopeful. I'm not a Democrat, I'm an independent, and there will always be policies that I don't agree with in either party but I'm hopeful that the tone and the attitude seem to be positive and forward thinking. Of course....we'll see. But my prayers are with this nation! We have a long way to go.

I would suggest that we all fact check. And find empirical truth and facts instead of listening to one sided arguments, news and opinions instead. We all have a brain and the instincts to figure out what is REALLY true. Let's use it! (Well, maybe some.)

That's all.....I have a lot to accomplish today and lots of energy to get it all done. Plus, I'm having a couple of hours of pampering, getting my nails and toes done. Next week, I get my hair done for the first time since last August. Yeah.....I'm way overdue!

What has surprised me is that despite all these months of no attention...the white in the front looks like highlights and the rest of my head is dark. Almost no gray. We're just going to do a whole head of highlights and a trim. Can't wait! It's amazing how all these things that I could do whenever I wanted to had to be put on hold since I stopped "working." It makes me appreciate and cherish each dollar I have now to do them.

And thanks to many of you, I can! Life is good!

Your VER'Y Naughty Girfriend, Goddess and GILF,


A little red wine is good for PS..if you take screen shots PLEASE do not share them on the internet. I am having an impossible situation getting them watermarked with this new site I purchased for that purpose. Folks are stealing them and using them to scam guys when they are not. Thanks!

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