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A Beautiful Weekend in Tampa! * Pics

Hello My Sexy Friends,

It's been a beautiful week since Ian blew out of Florida. It's made the recovery work a bit easier for those poor folks in Southwest Florida amidst the nightmare of what was left.

We, in Tampa Bay, are VERY aware that it could have been us and we feel sorrow for them at the same time thankful it wasn't our fate also! This is the risk of living in Paradise.

From a selfish standpoint I hope it slows down the rapid migration to our state, driving home prices and rents sky high, increasing the already busy traffic to ridiculous and the cost of goods and services. The snow birds are starting to arrive so it only gets busier.

I understand why they head south. I did it myself.

Monday, I headed up to Sis's and we all went to a Voctave concert in Spanish Springs in the Villages. Just google them. Unbelievably talented acapella group and it was a fabulous evening.

Tuesday night, an old friend returned to Florida and we went out for dinner and then playtime after. He is a wonderful lover and we have this fabulous chemistry. Interestingly we both enjoy the conversation just as much. I consider him part of my harem.

The next morning I met a prospective model for OnlyFans for breakfast. We're both Senior Citizens so I joked he'd be making his porn debut. Very intelligent man and another opportunity for sharing interesting conversation.

That afternoon I picked up my English friend at Tampa International. He's lived in our community part time for years and is here about 4 months of the year. We stopped for Sushi and cocktails and then I dropped him off at his condo for a well deserved night's sleep. It's a long day flying from London to Tampa with the time difference. We get together often when he's here. He's brilliant and quite expert on American politics/presidents so our conversations are always fascinating.

Last evening, Sis and hubby drove down and went to the Straz in downtown Tampa for the opening night of the Florida Orchestra. I love the director, Michael Francis, another Brit and the evening began with a rousing Star Spangled Banner. I don't remember ever doing that before. He, the orchestra and the audience all loved it. He humorously describes the works of the evening. Things you don't know and miss that make a huge difference in hightening the enjoyment of the performance.

The highlight of the evening was Carmina Burana with the Tampa Choral Society but the whole concert was absolutely stellar. The orchestra and choir were spot on all evening. We were mesmerized, energized and renewed. That's the blessing and power of music.

I have gotten the biggest kick out of introducing this work to my sis and hubby to find out that they love it as much as I do! This was our third Carmina together.

In between all this, I was filming lots of naughtiness for OnlyFans and doing cam sessions. One fun one yesterday involved my wearing a strap on and you say what? Visually it's enough for my cam partner to be taken to a new place, released and renewed. And that seems to be the way of all the virtual sessions. Who knew it could be so satisfying sexually and financially.

I'm almost finished with the redesigned playroom. I found a purple neon Yes Mistress sign that I want to order and hang one of the white walls. It's at Amaon if you'd like to sign a gift card and help me finish the decor.

I've returned my donations to their former rate and raised my virtual sessions. I think that was a wise decision and time will verify that.

This evening I have a dinner meeting at Eddie V's with a couple. She wants to get into the adult business and I'm the consultant. I think it's going to be interesting and fun. Plus, I love Eddie V's!

Tuesday evening I'm supposed to film again with my videographer and a new very hunky model. He calls himself a DILF. Daddy You'd Like to Fuck. Yeah, he is! Older and gorgeous! I'm thinking we're going to get into all kinds of mischief. Yes, it will be on!

Life is very good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS....I just looked at it appears that last Saturday's journal update never appeared. NO damage or power outage during the storm but I'm very disappointed that you did not get to hear that sooner. I do not know what happened. My apologies. I hate Wix...this site that hosts my website!

The almost finished playroom.

Some pics from the last couple of weeks.

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